I have always felt that for the good of myself and those around me, and as a citizen of the United State of America, that I should abide by the laws that govern this great nation.   We may not agree with all the laws but for the most part they are a way to make sure that freedom is for all and not just for some.

There have been laws over the years that have been taken from the books because they have become obsolete or have proven to do more harm than good.  As a society, we handle changes in the laws in specific ways so that not just a few are making up the rules, but that we are truly governed by the people. 

This is a great nation that we are a part of and I am proud that others from other lands want to join us in our freedom, but at what cost to this nation do we allow others to tread upon freedom?

I am reminded of the children’s story of  “The Little Red Hen”.  Red Hen needed some help to plant and grind and bake the grain into bread.   She asked her fellow barnyard neighbors to help.  She wasn’t prejudice.  She asked the pig, and the duck, and the cat to help but they didn’t want to, so she did it herself.  Once the bread was made and ready to eat they were all willing and ready to help eat it!

Should the Little Red Hen have given some to them? Some would say yes, others “No Way”.  I have never thought myself to be a stingy person, but rather always glad to help the person less fortunate than myself.   BUT it does raise my feathers a little to have people talk about giving away what I have worked hard for, to those who have not worked for it!

We read the story of the Little Red Hen to our children to teach them how it takes everyone in the barnyard to do the work, if the barnyard society is going to be successful.  You can’t expect everyone else to take care of you, if you won’t help to take care of yourself.  This story is not about us refusing to take care of those who NEED our help but rather bringing to light the realization that those who don’t give won’t receive!

Every time I read an article or hear about a new resolution to make Social Security available to illegal immigrants my feathers start to ruffle and my voice wants to cluck…….I planted it, I ground it, and I made it into bread, and I will eat this loaf myself!

Am I Selfish?  Am I Uncaring?  Am I Unchristian?  Am I UnAmerican?  Oh dear, I hope not. 

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these, the homeless, tempest tossed to me.  I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

This inscription on the Statue of Liberty is what America is built upon.  If you do not open the “golden door”, no one is going to open it for you.  It is a great land we live in, the home of the brave and the free, but it did not come “free”, but with a high price.  Many lives have been lost over the years to keep our land free and it is that cost that makes those of us who have paid it not want to just give it away.  The land of the free does not mean that things are just handed to you without cost.  It means you are free to explore and work and do things that you are good at.  Search within yourself and build upon your inner strengths and improve your weaknesses.  No one is going to tell you what to do, no one is going to insist that you work at this job or live in this house or shop at this store.  But also NO ONE is going to give it to you for FREE.  We all work together or we don’t all eat together.

We must not teach our children that we can reward something that is illegal.  If people come to this country illegally and work in our jobs illegally then they need to make sure they save money to pay for themselves because we have enough trouble taking care of those who are legal and put money in the pot.

I just read where those on Social Security will not get a cost of living raise this year because there is not enough money.  That is not to say their cost of living is not going to raise, it is just that they will not have enough money to pay for it.  These are people who have worked hard, paid into the pot, so that they could draw from the pot when they were no longer physically able to work.  Do we have a right to deny them so that we can pay for those who have not contributed?

I know the old song of  how many illegals have come and worked hard many years, contributed to our economy, our society, raised families and are good people.  All that is well and good but they have not contributed to the pot, so why should they get an equal share.  No one is saying they are not good people.

If they are illegal, my question is WHY?  If the government still thinks of them as illegals, then why should we take on the responsibility of providing for them.  It is our money that is put into the pot not the governments.  The government has no money but ours!

Are they illegals because they were denied citizenship?  Are they criminals from another country and that is why they are not citizens?  Did they not want to become citizens but now want benefits?  Do they like us only for what we can give them, not what they can do to help?

The answer is not to make every illegal immigrant  now citizens, so that they can collect Social Security.  As far as I know, for Americans, if we  don’t contribute, we don’t collect.  Why should it be any different for someone else. 

Most things are never black and white.  Our world consists of a lot of gray.  The husband who is an American citizen and  has a illegal immigrant for a wife.  He has worked and contributed to Social Security all his life and after his death, his widow wants to collect his Social Security.  My question is, Why is she still illegal?  Has she tried to become an American citizen and can’t?  Does she not want to give up the citizenship of her homeland? Why?  Why? Why? 

When is it okay to do something illegal?  Do we even want to OPEN that can of worms?  Either decide that they should be legal because they deserve it or deny them because of good reason.  But we CAN NOT start paying for people to be illegal!  Our borders will not be able to hold those who want to come to the Land of the FREE!  And soon our Land of the Free will be the Land of What Once Was a great place to live!

TGIF (Thank God Its Free)


Is this a clunker?

Wow, I traded my clunker for a new BMW X3!   I have mixed feelings about the trade.  The 1998 Jeep Cherokee was in our family since it was born.  It was still in great shape and running fine, but who can resist when someone offers you a lot more than what it is worth.  I would be a fool not to do it, right?  I was thinking of buying a new car anyway, so this was the perfect opportunity. 

As my son, who was the original owner of the Jeep, drove it to it’s final resting place there was a sadness in the family.  It seemed a shame to put it down when there was so much life left in it.  Some college student would love to have had it for $1,500 but the Obama graveyard was offering me $3,500!

This wasn’t an easy decision or an easy transition to manuever.  I had been trying for over 2 weeks to get some dealership to help with me.  Lots had already quite the program, because they felt there was a possibility they were not going to get paid monies that were promised.  Some said they didn’t want to deal with finding me a vehicle because the choices were so slim.  Some said there was just too much paper work and hassle involved so they weren’t participating.  Many just didn’t return my calls AT ALL!!!

Only hours before the whole program was shut down a salesman in Lafayette, IN went to work for me and found me a dealership in Erie, Pennsylvania that would trade. 

The deal was done and as we said our goodbyes to “JJ”, (Just Jeep) my thoughts turned to how difficult and stressful this had all been and is this  how it would be for Government Run Health Care!

Would some Doctors and Hospitals just not deal with you at all because it would take so long for them to get their money from the Government?  Would some just ignore your calls for help because it was going to be too much hassle and paperwork to help you?  Would some send you to a doctor or hospital that was willing to help, but their care and treatment was less than reputable, but they would take you?  If you are on the government program would there be Doctors and Hospital for the elite that took only patients that still had private insurance coverage?

I know many say that Medicare is very good and many people are grateful for it, but is there a hidden reason that Medicare works?  I have friends and family that are covered by VA benefits and their Health Care is atrocious.  If they can find a VA Hospital or Clinic close the care and treatments are a long time coming and in many cases are only a bandaid  approach because they want to spend the money to really get it fixed.  There is a Vetern who is a member of our church that has suffered with a broken hip for over 2 years.  They SOMETIMES give him pain medicine, but more often tell him they will run more TESTS…..they draw a little blood, and send him home, telling him to rest and take it easy!  2 YEARS! BROKEN HIP!  His pain is excrutiating, you can see it on his face.  Everytime I see him I THANK GOD I am not a Vetern who has Government Run Health Care!

In recent years there has been VA Hospitals that were shut down because the cleanliness and care was so bad it was an embarrassment to the Government!

Why is it that when Dignitaries and the Wealthy need Health Care, they come to the United States?  What is wrong with their countries Health Care?  Do they go to our Government Run Hospitals for this excellent treatment they are seeking or do they seek out these Speciality, Expert Free Enterprise Hospitals where the Government doesn’t control their salaries and research?

Please don’t misunderstand me, I realize that something needs to be done with our Health Care.  I realize something has to been done to re-evaluate the costs.  I realize that FREE HEALTH CARE  for all sounds great!  But I have found out in life that NOTHING is for FREE.  If it is, you have given up something to get it.  The old saying, “You get what you pay for” is more often true than not.  If FREE Health Care is What you are looking for then don’t expect first rate treatment, don’t expect the best money can buy, don’t expect to be treated immediately, don’t expect you will get more than you paid for!

The road wasn’t easy and I had to really look for someone to help me get my free money from Obama, but I finally did it!  I could have bought a much cheaper vehicle and have received the same amount of money but I chose to go for the more expensive vehicle because I knew in the long run it was going to be worth it…… it will last me longer, it will run longer and   better, its resale is better, it has features that the less expensive ones didn’t and it was WHAT I WANTED and I was willing to pay for it.

That is what I want in Health Care also.  I want a choice.  I don’t want that choice taken away.  I don’t want to hurt others with my choice but neither do I want the choices of others to hurt me. 

Don’t know if Obama’s Health Care Plan is another Clunker Plan or Not, but I certainly think this is MUCH more serious than trading a car.   It needs to be thoroughly researched and considered before it is rushed through Congress just because it will make the President and his Cabinet look good.

We make a few mistakes about trading cars, not the end of the world……. make a mistake about Health Care and Lives could depend on it!

TGIF(Thank God Its Feasible)

Can’t believe that I am posting my second blog on my first day of blogging. I just watched “Buy Me” on HGTV and it got my blood to boiling and as I am ranting and raving to my family I remembered, “I have a blog!” This is worthy of blogging.

This particular show trashes the Realtor’s. Most of the other HGTV shows realize that their knowledge in the Real Estate Market is valued.

“Buy Me”, is usually portraying them as uneducated buffoons, who are not worth their commission.

**As I am writing this, my family is in the room still watching TV. I just asked them how to spell “buffoon” and laughter has filled the room. Comments like, “Mom is at it again”, “You know that others will see this, right?”,and “Please don’t offend everyone in the universe”. I thought this is what they wanted….for me to express myself!**

This time a new agent has been called in to list a home with what is painfully obvious from the first, a very difficult seller. Their comments of “Our House is worth a lot more than the one down the street”, “We are really going to make this agent work”,(like we normally don’t), just set my teeth on edge!

A quick run through the home with the agent tells us right away that the house is in need of a lot of updating and de-cluttering. But the sellers comments are still…..No, No, ours is still going to sell for more!

Next the agent takes them to neighboring homes for sale and again it is obvious that the sellers are being unrealistic about price and condition. They think that just because it is BIGGER, it is BETTER and will bring a bigger price.

BIGGER is not BETTER, if so Dinosaurs would still be roaming the earth!

Needless to say the Realtor listed the home at the Sellers Price,… $60,000 more than any home in the area has sold for! After 5 Open Houses in a month and 2 offers that were telling the Sellers “You Are Overpriced!” The Sellers end up selling the home at $35,000 less than listed and convincing the Realtor to take less commission in order to put the deal together. Of course they promised their Realtor that he could sell them their new home, so he agreed.

At the end of the show we are informed that the Sellers closed
their home, but used another Realtor to buy their next home. UNBELIEVABLE!

Mr. Realtor wherever you are, don’t be discouraged, most sellers are not like this. What you told them was correct, the way you marketed was right, and you DO know what you are talking about. Had they listened to you, they probably would have gotten more money for their home, but…

You can lead a donkey to water, but you can’t make him drink!

Off to the mall……
TGIF…Thank God It’s Fun!

Blogging? Why? Why Me?

After much coaxing and berating I am finally blogging! It seems that my family thinks that because I have an opinion on EVERYTHING that I need to blog. I have resisted this, but they set me up anyway! Our family is very close and even though the children are mostly grown, we still have family time several times a week. During these times they are constantly talking about what they found out on facebook, twitter, blogs and so forth. I use my computer to enhance my career of Real Estate Sales and keeping in touch with far away family. I have been forced through the years to learn new ways to sell Real Estate and although most have been good changes, with each one I have thought to myself, “Maybe it is time I retire. I am not sure I can learn all this NEW trend”. After 10 years of selling the old way, I sold my first home through the internet and from then on I was SOLD on “new” technology! How weird was it to sell a home that the buyer had never seen except through pictures on the internet! But 15 years later I am glad I didn’t just throw in the towel and quit. I love my job and would have missed a lot of fun. I say all that to say this….. although I am resistant to change, I am more willing to at least try…….So here goes.

We are on vacation in Orlando, FL. As always our family time together is special. Our 4 children have gone off to Aquatica in SeaWorld today, leaving Dexter(my husband) and I to ourselves. One of my favorite things to do on vacation is watch HGTV! I never have the time at home, but because I am in the Real Estate Market, I love to watch all the remodeling, selling, redesigning, etc. This morning as we were eating our breakfast in front of the TV, (what fun!) we heard this loud boom from what seemed like the kitchen area. We couldn’t find what had happened until Dexter went to get himself a Diet Dr. Pepper from the frig. I heard this laughing and “You’ve got to see this” coming from the kitchen. He was actually laughing at how “Cool” it was that a can of Dr. Pepper had frozen and exploded in the refrigerator. He was going on and on about how it had completely blown up the can and that the contents had absolutely gone everywhere in the refrigerator! “Isn’t that amazing”, he laughingly exclaimed! He then took another can out of the frig and walked back into the living room to continue what he was doing! Amazing is right! Amazing that he thought this was funny. Amazing that he at 56, is still a kid at how things explode. Amazing that he never thought about who was going to clean this up! Amazing that vacation only means that I get to cleanup the messes in some exotic place! Men….they are certainly AMAZING creatures! Off to clean the frig!
TGIF…Thank God It’s Family!

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